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The telecom sector is leading the way in transformation with the widespread adoption of 5G, and new opportunities for products and services have emerged as a result of the technological advancements brought about by 5G. In an effort to promote innovation and continually set themselves apart, OEMs and CSPs (Communications Service Providers) are investing in 5G solutions, AI-infused frameworks, massively scaled cloud-native applications, edge computing, and IoT.

TechnoSoft Group has the expertise and key alliances with Microsoft, AWS, Google Cloud, and Nokia to support our customers in achieving their growth and transformation goals at this crucial industry turning moment. Together, we update your business, restructure your networks, and greatly increase client loyalty.

What We Do

Profit from 5G and cutting-edge wireless. With the help of the following unique solutions, 5G networks that are intelligent and programmable can be used to unlock new business models and boost revenue:

Digital Transformation

To monetize network services, offer ground-breaking, high-value solutions, and broaden corporate reach across the digital ecosystem, create and implement customised network transformation plans. In order for telcos to establish and maintain a more open network and establish themselves as respectable digital service providers, Technosoft group offers assistance.

5G & Edge

Increase your return on investment while bolstering your competitive position with digital solutions. We create next-generation payment solutions that are enticing and future-proof while giving financial institutions the resources they need to effectively manage compliance obligations and the complex risk environment.

Data & AI

To make your office operations enduring, profitable, and future-proof, revamp them from top to bottom. Technosoft group helps you create centres of excellence, set up trade-as-a-service models, and monetize your platforms and assets to gain access to new market opportunities.

Digital Networks

Provide simpler, faster, and more customised financing models for customers. By automating procedures at scale, generating data-driven insights, and expertly managing risk, Technosoft group helps consumer and corporate lenders create smooth, digital lending experiences.

360 CX for Telcos

Connect drivers to their vehicles and surroundings with the help of real-time data and insights. The solution collects data from sensors and systems and outside information on the weather and traffic using in-car software. We are pioneers in both fields, and our vehicle networking solutions go above and beyond the strictest data security standards.

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