Shaping the New Retail Reality with Innovation to Drive Growth

Technosoft group has worked with the biggest retailers in the globe for more than 20 years to establish its retail expertise.

A paradigm shift is happening in the retail sector. Widespread disruption is being caused by rapidly changing customer expectations, rising digital enterprises, and rapidly expanding technologies.

Retail is at a turning moment, as evidenced by the abundance of new goods, markets, and client groups as well as the rapidly growing number of sales and marketing platforms (such as social and mobile commerce). In reality, experience centricity, outcome-based, agile and lean-focused, service-oriented are the five guiding principles shared by 21 CE firms. Consumers increasingly demand high-quality, interesting, and highly linked purchasing experiences. The proliferation of data and linked devices, software defined infrastructure, cloud enabled as-a-service and experience, and outcome-driven digital platforms are further drivers that are reshaping the landscape. Retailers must therefore demonstrate agility in the use of technology and in the streamlining of business processes.

What We Do

Time for a shift has come. Digital technology is undergoing a major change right now. Technosoft group's business and technology experts have developed solutions and products that enhance growth and add value for the retail sector based on their combined experience and knowledge.

Digital Retail

Transform the customer experience from a series of fragmented interactions into a comprehensive, meaningful, and purpose-driven experience. Develop tailored experiences that go above and beyond customer expectations and build loyalty from day one by using digital technologies, like AI, to learn what customers really want.

Reprise Shopping Journeys

Optimize all facets of vehicle production and assembly by utilizing Industry 4.0 to. Leveraging your untapped data, a hybrid cloud, and AI-powered digital transformation can assist you in optimizing operations and boosting productivity, agility, and product quality.

Store Manament Solutions

Enable quicker time to market and better user experiences with Technosoft group’s comprehensive software product services. We collaborate with OEM engineering teams and Tier 1 suppliers to envision, design, develop, and validate vehicle systems while designing new cars. Some of our solutions include Product Architecture, Devops Processes, Rapid Prototyping and UX, Software Development, Product Testing and Integration.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace

What does a multi-vendor marketplace platform actually entail? Consider an online store that showcases a vendor's products and a shopping cart for those things. A large-scale online store called a multi vendor marketplace allows several merchants to offer their goods and services.

Payment Gateway Integration

An application programming interface (API) is used by integrated payment gateways to link your store or company to the gateway services. Providers make direct payments through your online store and are also known as non-hosted payment gateways. The fact that your consumers are not directed outside of your store makes for a pleasant payment process for them. These gateways also work well on mobile devices. Disadvantages include the fact that a significant percentage of the security is your website's responsibility. You can be the subject of an audit if your website has a breach. Also, in order to support some of the functionality offered by the gateway provider, your store architecture might need to be modified.

Custom App Development

We have knowledge and experience in custom app creation as a leading custom app development business. Startups and established businesses alike develop novel business models to succeed in the quick-paced, dynamic, and technologically advanced environment. And because of this, they create technology solutions that suit their own business requirements and concepts. The goal of Blue Whale Apps' bespoke application development services is to meet the needs of your "out of the box" idea with a "out of the box" technological solution. In order to help you effortlessly achieve your company objectives, we create custom applications after fully comprehending your specific needs and objectives.

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