Using digital manufacturing solutions to enable connected edge-to-experience enterprise

Now its Time to Transition to Digital Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 and, more recently, 5G are changing the manufacturing sector through digitization. When combined with cloud computing and analytics, contemporary technologies like AI and ML have the potential to greatly boost productivity and connection. By utilising Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies, conventional production facilities can be turned into smart factories with digitally coordinated shop floors. As a business transformation partner to manufacturing organisations around the world, Technosoft group can help manufacturers realise their ambition of becoming a truly intelligent, connected, and automated manufacturing company and transition to a services portfolio.

Technosoft group has experience working with the world's leading producers of industrial, chemical & process, industrial, and automotive products. Using our four strategic pillars of change, we have helped these organisations transform their value chains. We can help you with:

What We Do

We design products and solutions based on our cumulative experience and knowledge that promote growth and add value to the manufacturing sector.

Connected Experience

Establish personalized experience with channel partners, clients, and employees to enable contextual interaction.

Connected Operations

By combining and rearranging the plant, staff, and supply chain, you may create nimble operations.

Connected & Intelligent Enterprise

To create a linked and dynamic enterprise, redefine and redesign the core.

Lean and Agile

Create a culture of product-oriented behavior that promotes better cooperation and quicker invention.

Factory of the Future

Learn a brand-new method for making industrial goods thanks to the confluence of digital technology. Technosoft group's Factory of the Future competency set includes our design-to-value methodology, fulfilment execution tools, shop floor incident reporting systems, and shop floor analytics.

Enterprise and Supply Chain

Use Technosoft group's digital expertise to manage industry consolidation, the complexity of the global supply chain, and fluctuating commodity prices in all leading ERP and SCM software. Our knowledge covers the full spectrum, from developing roadmaps to designing, implementing, and maintaining IT systems as well as overseeing back-office operations.

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