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Automation affects very few business operations. Begin the journey towards increased efficiency and better operations. Intelligent automation combines digital process automation, robotic process automation, and artificial intelligence to provide efficient and intelligent processes while aligning all aspects of your organisation with the vision of continuous process improvement, technological integration, and increased customer value.

What if your company could self-evolve to stay up with change? That is the answer provided by Intelligent Automation! The term "automation" frequently conjures up images of robotic process automation (RPA), or bots that do extremely repetitive operations in order to increase efficiency and save costs. But that's only the beginning. With Qentelli's Intelligent Automation solutions.

Our Way to Intelligent Automation

you can meet your business goals, create the greatest Customer Experience, and outperform your competitors by combining the agility and power of BPM, machine learning, and RPA with low-code development.

AI & ML Services:
Powering Digital Transformation

Business Process Management

BPM is a process automation technology that enables effective communication between individuals, groups of individuals, and systems. With our Intelligent Automation Solutions, you can now orchestrate actions across users, robots, systems, and artificial intelligence using flexible low-code and drag-and-drop tools for repeated results.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation lessens the need for human interaction in computer programmes, particularly in repeated processes that change little iteratively. By integrating legacy systems with our robotic process automation solutions, you can put a stop to repetitive tasks and enable your staff to provide more value.

Artificial Intelligence

The simulation of human intelligence by machines is known as artificial intelligence. With our market-leading solutions, you can use AI and machine learning to make your apps smart.


Due to the unique characteristics of each system or piece of software, connecting and integrating them is essential for a project to be successful. Without writing a line of code, connect and coordinate all of your corporate data, systems, and web services.

Born Digitals

As a born digital, your company thrives on innovation and creativity. With the rest of the world rapidly catching up with you, it’s time to shift your focus beyond innovation – to your operating model and its technological underpinnings – to sustain competitive advantage.

Drive long term performance

Our Intelligent Automation (IA) offering embeds intelligence, agility and flexibility into business processes and marries it with human expertise to sharpen focus on value creation. Our customizable, Advisory, Enablement and Managed Services guarantee the ability to scale automation benefits enterprise-wide, maximizing ROI while minimizing risks.

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Minimize operational costs, accelerate reaction times, increase output, and eradicate errors,Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent Document Processing, and Digital Process Automation Workflow Platform (RPA)

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Adopting AI/ML: Be Future Ready

  • What a Intelligent Automation

    To construct intelligent business processes and workflows that think, learn, and adapt on their own, intelligent automation—a combination of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and process automation—is employed. Automation has been a part of our lives since the industrial revolution, whereas artificial intelligence encompasses concepts like machine learning, language recognition, and vision. Artificial intelligence has improved in step with automation, and when the two are combined, automation gains the benefits of intelligence.

  • What are the benefits of intell automation

    Businesses can improve efficiency and develop new skills beyond what humans are capable of by implementing intelligent automation within enterprise operations, such as the ability to process millions of documents and applications per day, identify and fix problems with each, and suggest improvements. Moreover, intelligent automation can produce one-of-a-kind, individualised customer encounters that result in best-in-class customer satisfaction and experience.

  • How Long does it taketo fully automate a process

    Depending on the scope and complexity of the project, Intelligent Automation initiatives often take 1-3 months as opposed to standard IT projects, which can take up to 12–18 months and cost significantly. The length and complexity of the process as well as how long it takes the process owner, customer, or end user to complete the User Acceptance Testing will determine when the application is deployed into production.

  • What departments are best suited for intelligent Automation?

    Back-office tasks in finance, procurement, supply chain management, accounting, customer service, and human resources can be sped up with process automation. These tasks include data entry, purchase order issuance, the creation of online access credentials, and business procedures that call for "swivel-chair" access to several different systems.

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