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Using Next-Generation Digital Solutions to Create Long-Lasting Change

Technology is enabling intelligent utilities, smart customer experience management, and innovative energy management, completely upending the energy and utility industries.

Our innovative integrated service-delivery method has all the tools it needs, including tried-and-true frameworks and processes, to be one of the most comprehensive and well-liked offerings on the market. As a result of our extensive experience developing effective solutions for business applications, customer service and billing, asset management, front office operations, account management, and order management gained from working with the top utility and energy corporations in the world for many years, we have honed this skill. Technosoft group is ready to help you since we are aware of the difficulties businesses face when integrating new technology as they navigate the complexity of digital transformation and being a disruptor.

What We Do

By participating in business benefits-led outsourcing programmes, we have changed as our customers go from simple cost reduction to business outcomes. This is made possible by-

Asset Management

Use the solutions from Technosoft group to improve utility grid efficiency, safety, dependability, and resilience.

Front office operations

Create, oversee, and put into practise cutting-edge solutions for the future real-time digital enterprise.

Account Management

To improve operations across the whole oil and gas upstream value chain, reimagine IT using a service line paradigm.

Leak Detection

Using expertly made solutions from Technosoft group can help you effectively monitor oil and gas pipelines to lessen the likelihood of fluid spills while protecting the safety of the people using them and the environment.

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