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Transform Application at the Speed of Digital

More than 15 years of significant experience in building and delivering API-first, modular, open, light, highly accessible, and business-ready platforms across all key sectors and domains are brought to the table by the Digital Applications and Platforms unit. Our Digital Applications & Platforms services, led by senior engineers with strong credentials in enabling our customers' digital transformation journeys, provide technology solutions that cover almost every facet of Digital Transformation - be it marketing, business process, customer engagement, x-commerce, business productivity, or custom business platforms.

Complex application landscapes with a mix of legacy systems, digital, and SaaS consume an excessive amount of IT resources for most businesses, limiting their ability to spur development. Technosoft Group's application services can help you rapidly and agilely reimagine your application landscape while continually innovating to create commercial value.

The world has changed dramatically since the Industrial Revolution.

Our Digital Applications & Platforms allow digitally led company transformation by combining the forces of platform innovation and application modernization. The Digital Applications and Platforms team has over 15 years of substantial expertise in creating and delivering API-first, modular, open, lightweight, highly accessible, and business-ready platforms across all important sectors and domains.

Digital Applications & Platforms Services

Application Development & Maintenance

Change the application and user experience landscape. Be successful in the digital economy. We help businesses achieve their application portfolio goals by leveraging tried-and-true deployment methodologies.

Application Modernization

To increase company responsiveness, provide businesses more flexibility by modernising and migrating outdated systems. Your IT foundation and apps are transformed by utilising cutting-edge technology that takes advantage of improvements in mobile, cloud, internet, social, and analytics.

Application Re-engg

Redesign existing systems to assist firms in regaining lost value by enhancing flexibility, saving costs, lowering risk, and minimising disruption. We re-engineer functional modules and support processes using our application re-engineering methodology, with an emphasis on innovation, flexibility, quality outputs, and cost management..

Product Development

Increase the value of your services by implementing cutting-edge product development and transformation tactics that inspire creativity and help you define your brand. We help firms use agile development methodologies to deliver products rapidly while frequently testing and iterating in response to stakeholder input.

Digital Experience Platform

Organize user touchpoints into a single, comprehensive solution to empower your company and boost staff productivity, revenue, client retention, and operational efficiency.

Modern Apps - Overview

The complexity in an application development landscape arising out of adoption of DevSecOps, Digital QA Practices, Cloud Native PaaS, APIs and Microservices have resulted in many Modern Application Development (AD) projects either delayed or not delivering value in time. A post-mortem of such projects has revealed one or more causes

Intelligent Platforms

Platforms for Intelligent Computing

We blend the strength of industry-leading platforms—including SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Workday, and others—with our knowledge, creativity, and industry expertise for large-scale, platform-enabled change..

  • Internet of senses
  • Connected intelligent machines
  • Digitalized programmable physical world
  • Trustworthy systems

Intelligent Platforms services

  • Cognitive network:

    A Cognitive Network is a network that functions autonomously and is capable of self-learning and machine thinking at scale. It applies previous knowledge to tackle new sorts of issues without engaging people in the process.

  • Limitless connectivity:

    The concept of unlimited connection is that mobile networks provide limitless connectivity for all applications, allowing everyone and everything to connect truly anywhere and at any time.

  • Salesforce:

    Find opportunities for innovation and improvement by taking a comprehensive look at the current offerings. Overcome the obstacles that businesses face while attempting to respond to shifting client expectations and shifting technical paradigms.

  • SAP:

    Unlock the value of your SAP application portfolio by leveraging intelligence. The data orchestration layer of the SAP Business Technology Platform converts dispersed data sprawls into critical data insights that allow innovation and corporate development.

  • ServiceNow:

    To generate new value, enable innovation, link silos for seamless experiences, and empower employees with efficient procedures. Transform your digital business with a single, unified platform.

  • Oracle:

    Using our relationship with Oracle, we can support your large-scale innovation activities throughout the whole life cycle of Oracle products.

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