Since 2007 Technosoft group has partnered with many clients within multiple domains and has offered globally unique IT Domain Enabled services which offers Outsourcing solutions, IT Solutions, Trainings and Support services, Software development, Product and Application Development , Maintenance and many more

Technosoft Group Inc., started as a Information Technology Services Company that provides services in

  • Staff Augmentation
  • IT Recruitment
  • App Development
  • Training and Support

Through offices in the United States and Offshore, we provide IT services to Federal and State Governments, to Fortune 500 Companies, and to emerging growth businesses. We support such business sectors as Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Software Development, Transportation, Manufacturing, and the Consumer Product Industries. Maintaining the best in the Industry, Technosoft Group provide industry experienced and highly qualified IT Consultants to augment customer needs in their internal IT departments. Technosoft Group is positioned to guide clients in preparing for tomorrow's technologies, today.

Technosoft Group Inc., is an Information Technology Services Company that satisfies the need for both permanent and temporary professional IT Staffing, Professional Consulting Services.

Technosoft Group Inc. has ability to combine state-of-the-art tools, sophisticated methodology, and highly skilled resources streamlines the development process.Every item type can be associated with an enforceable workflow, with full audit trails and security. And every item– not just “Source code” – can be versioned, branched, merged and baseline as part of a configuration. Allowing development teams improved productivity and quality, streamlined compliance and visibility into product readiness which ultimately helps you drive more innovative products into the market.

Technosoft Group Inc. offers you high-quality applications that support a wide range of deployment modes, including on-premise, mobile, cloud, and more :-

  • Application audits and evaluations
  • Development needs assessments and recommendations
  • Application definition, design, and deployment services
  • Version upgrade services
  • Test execution, validation, documentation, training, and sign-of